Friday, 8 November 2013

Applying for a job 2013 - Europass

Have you ever heard of the Curriculum Vitae Europass?

It is a EU initiative to increase transparency of qualification and mobility of citizens in Europe. It aims to be a Life Long Learning Portfolio of documents containing the descriptions of all learning achievements, official qualifications, work results, skills and competences, acquired over time, along with the related documentation. The aim is to make a person's skills and qualifications clearly understood throughout Europe.

 Once you know how it works you can either fill in yor CV now here or download  the template, instructions and examples here.

These documents can also be very useful:

For students of 'Tourist Accommodation Management':
EDS in Tourist Accommodation Management

For students of 'Travel Agencies and Events Management':
EDS in Travel Agencies & Events Management

When it is ready, send me your CV by email. The name of the file should be: 
  • For Tourist Accommodation Management students: cv_tam_2013_yoursurnameinitialofyourname
  • For Travel Agencies and Events Management students: cv_ttaaem_2013_yoursurnameinitialofyourname
    Deadline: By Friday 15th November 2013