Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Listen to four people -Juan, Ulla, Anita and Paola- talking about themselves and their experiences of travel and tourism. Write down as much information as you can about each of them.

(From HARDING, K. (1998). Going International. English for Tourism. OUP, p. 6, list. 1.)

What about your experiences? Why are you studying this formative cycle related to Tourism? Where would you like to work in the future? Which are your expectations? Write a short paragraph about it.


AGH said...

I have chosen this cycle because when I was looking for a cycle, I didn't want to have mathematics and i found this formative cycle related to Tourism.
I like travel and i like languages, for this, in the future I would like work abroad.
When I finish the cycle I hope be able to talk faster and understand english without problems.

SGE said...

I'm studing tourism because i'm interested since i was 12 years old, when i went in France for first time, alone, studing french. Since that moment, i began to learn two languages, english and french, and it was the most i liked. A few years later, i had another experience in France and it wasn't so good, but wasn't a reason to leave it.
I would like to travel around the world, learning languages, meeting people from every diferent places and visiting diferent countries, in special i would like to live a few years, not many, in New Zeland, there, i could visit Oceania and Asia, it would be a georgeous experience

MTH said...

I'm studing tourism, because i like traveling a lot, i want to travel around the world, and i want to work in a hotel after finishing my studies.
I have been in Minnesota, Tunisia, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London, etc. I think the city i liked the most was Rome, but where i enjoyed my self the most were Minnesota.
I've never worked in a hotel, but i've done my practices at "Hotel Escuela".
Finally, in the future, i would like to work abroad, but i already don't know where.

Paloma GV said...

I decided to study this cycle because I like tourism so much. Meeting new people from different countries and speaking different languages at work like English or French. These are some of the reasons why I chose this studies. Also, I like travelling, I have been already in France, Belgium, Nederland, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, England, Scottland and Germany. In the future I would like to work abroad in some big hotel chain for having the opportunity of moving to different hotels around the world. I would like to work in some Caribean places like Rivera Maya or Cuba... For having my trainee at the end of this course, I would like to choose United kingdom or France, for improving those languages, but I´m still thinking about that! :) First I must pass all the exams with good marks if I want to choose those places!

Rod said...

When I finished bachelor, I passed the selectivity, but didn't want go to the university because there is a lot of theory and I was bored of it. So, I chose to study something more practical. I like traveling, learning about other cultures, traditions, people ... and in the future I would like to work in a hotel in any country in Europe, Australia, USA, Canada or maybe other places in the world, so I think that choosing this cycle was a good choice and I like it!

Luzass said...

I started studying in the university in Peru and to half of the career I came to Spain.
Nowadays I study Tourism accommodation management in the mornings and study the degree of tourism in the evenings in the Complutense’s University.
Since I was in school I wanted to study tourism. I chose tourism because I like travelling and I like being in touch with people from different cultures, another reason why I chose tourism is because it will open up opportunities and give me the ability to travel around the world with a qualification.
My plans for the future is make the practices abroad to be able to improve my level of languages And also find a work in a chain of hotels in Italy or France

Anonymous said...

One of the reason because I‘m studying this course is because in 2008 I went to Ireland to work as an aupair, and finally I was there during 18 months working as a waiter too, it was a great experience!
I have the TCP course too, but I haven’t worked as a flight attendant yet.
In the future I would like to work abroad, in a big hotel company but firstable I would like to study something else, like marketing.
Anyway, the main thing for me this year it‘s to do the practise in somewhere I could be practising my English, I hope use it a lot!!

Laura de las Heras

Euge B said...

I chose this module to increase my possibilities of one day working in a hotel. I first studied catering and worked in several restaurants and hotels, and from those experiences I realised I'd rather work in a hotel than in a restaurant. I hoped that this module would increase the number of departments I could work in.

I hope that, in the future, I could end up working as chef in a hotel's restaurant, and in the more immediate future, since I'm off to live in Galicia, I hope to find a hotel to start working in. I've always had a special something fot NH Hotels, but the truth is that any other would be as good as an NH, at least to start. As said, kitchen is my preference, but any other place would of course also be suitable.

Anonymous said...

I decided to start these studies because i´ve been always interested in everything related with tourism. The option to travel, learning about other cultures ... I think it gives you some posibilities that other kind of jobs don´t have.Now, I have to say the experience is being really positive, because in the first year I acquired a significant amount of knowledge and above all, I had the option to "work" at the hotel. This practice was very constructive part.
In the future, I would like to work in a hotel, but I would not limit myself to the reception area. Also I have the idea of ​​working for an airline as flight attendant, because I was working a year in the airport as handling agent and i loved that job.

Alberto Jiménez

Anonymous said...

I have been working as bartender for twelvw years in the center of Madrid and Barcelona.
I'm studying this cycle because I like tourism and hotels.
I would like to have my own hotel in the future, a rural hotel in Costa Brava or Baleare's Islands.
If that wasn't possible I'd like to work as hotel manager in any important hotel.
My expectations are learning so many languages as I can and work in that I have been studying for.
I'm also interested about knowing diferent countries, cultures and people.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

I have been working in Tarifa this summer in a restaurant, last year I worked in a hotel the name “ sotogrande” as a waitress.

I’m studying this cycle because before I studied flight attendant for complete my studies.
I would like in a future go back to Tarifa for living there and working in a hotel all year because I have worked always only in summer.

My expectations in a future are speaking English very well because it’s very interesting speak with a lot of people the different countries and I would like to work a big hotel as house keeping’s manager.


Anonymous said...


I have chosen to study tourism because i'm very interested in knowing more in other cultures and customs, i love also travelling and i will like to visit several contries.

In the future i would like to work in tourism sector,particularly as a tour guide if is possible, i would like to pass on knowledge to others persons, or a tour operator would be nice.

My expectations for the future are to dedicate to the tourism and after i will like to open my own business a travel agency and i want to learn several languages.


J.G.C. said...

I'm studying this cycle because when i was a child, i went with my parents to travel agency, then in this moment i felt one thing that was a mix between happiness and impatience, so i'm studying this for this reason. My expectation is or to be management agent or to work in Las vegas or Eurovegas, but, i prefer the second option because i see that the world of casinos can give more money and i think it more interesting that events agency but this option in this moment don't pass a good times because the people rather than spend money in events, prefer spend it in many things less in this. Finally i will want to work with the manager of two hotels in Las Vegas


Anonymous said...

I’m studying Travel Agencies and Events Management. I’ll finish this formative cycle in March and then I’ll do trainee in a company related to tourism (or events if it’s possible) for three months approximately. Previously I did another formative cycle related to marketing but I wanted to continue studying.

I decided to study this formative cycle because I would like to work in events. I’ve always like organizing little events like: birthday’s parties, family meals… And I would like to organizing events for companies or something else. I also love traveling and visiting different places and I wouldn’t mind working in a travel agency.

When I finish this formative cycle, I want go to an English speaking country to improve this language and then find a job.


Anonymous said...

Carlota Arribas Uceda
I'm studyng Travel Agences because I love travelling and learning many languages. I would like to learn Chinese because I think that is the language of the future.
In the future, I want to work in a tour operator like Catai.
My expectations for the future are work in tourism but abroad because I think nowadays is better work outside Spain.

Anonymous said...

I am studying this Formative Cycle because I think it is the best way to finish my studies of Turism and I can learn how to work in a Travel Agency or a Tour Operator.
When I finish this Cycle, I would like to work in a Tour Operator getting reading touristic packages, because it is where you can learn a lot.

Anonymous said...

I chose this formative cycle because I think Tourism is one of the most important service.
I like this formative cycle because nowadays it has future and I love travelling too.
I would like to work in a Travel Agency abroad; for example in London.
My expectations are learn others languages, like Portuguese and French.


Anonymous said...

My experience in tourism started when I was 19 years old. At that time, I lived in Ireland working as a au pair so it was there where I discovered that I like studying the culture, the language and much more about different countries. Consequently, I started working at the airport until nowadays.
In a future, I would like to get a job in a tour operator designing package tour or resolving complaints from the tourists and travel agencies. For this reason, I am studying travel agencies and events management.


Anonymous said...

I like traveling, I have visited Greece, France and Italy, and I would like to continue traveling in the future. I'm in the tourism cycle, because I want new experiences and acquire culture, I chose the high school ''Hotel Escuela'' because it is the best in tourism of Madrid, for my.

In the future, I would like to work in an event agency, or an online travel agency, but most of a would like to learn and pass the course in English.


Anonymous said...

I end the high school Tourism Technician 2 years ago in Dominican Republic, I had also, a cycle Formative of Waitress in my Country and I worked of waitress in a hotel, now I am study in a Formative Cycle of Travel Agency and Events in Spain. I am studying the Cycle because I like traveling, to learn about others cultures and I like the language for example the English, German and Italian.
I would like work in the future in my country Dominican Republic in the Ministry of Tourism, because my country is very touristy and I would like raise more and I would like also in a hotel of the Caribbean to earn a lot of money.


Anonymous said...

I am studying this cycle because I like everything that has to do with travel, experience other cultures, meet new sites even through a book.

When I finish this formative cycle I would like to get a degree in Tourism, go to another country to learn English and work in this sector.


Anonymous said...

I finisher Baccalaureate and i did a course of lifeguard. I worked three years as a lifeguard.
I study this training cycle, because, i like to travel and a know other cultures.
I would like to work in a travel agency. My expectations are to get to learn other languages. to find the job and to see the wonders of the world.