Wednesday, 10 October 2012


What hotel facilities can you think of? 

Have a look at the following questions, watch the video that follows and answer the questions.
  1. Where is the hotel they advertise?
  2. What is the name of the capital? 
  3. In which ocean is it located?
  4. How far is the hotel from Malé?
  5. What means of transport do they take to go from Malé to the hotel?
  6. Name as many facilities as you can from the video. What adjectives do they use to describe them?

Here you have another video. It shows you a hotel in Miami.
Which hotel do you prefer? Why?
The Palms Hotel and Spa - Hotel Miami Beach
Unwind in a tropical and secluded ambience, just minutes away from exciting South Beach, and leave our oasis feeling re-balanced, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Fresh from a top-to-bottom renovation in 2010, The Palms Hotel & Spa will awaken your spirit with its all-new offerings, including 251 soothing guest rooms and suites with spa-inspired bathrooms, The Palms Spa -- an Aveda destination spa presenting soul-reviving spa experiences, natural gourmet cuisine at Essensia and a selection of inviting meeting and event facilities, all inspired by the hotel's lush landscape and seaside setting.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the hotel in the Maldives. I like both but I like more the first. I like more because the island is private, because it seems a paradise and because I think it is a good place to relax. They also have many water activities.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the Full Moon Hotel because when I think of the holidays I think in relax .
I also like more the landscape of Maldives than of Miami.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the full moon hotel in Maldivas in spite of the fact that the Miami's hotel is absolutely amazing for everybody.
I have never stayed in a cottage with a garden shower so I think It could be fascinating experience. Besides, the hotel includes many facilities such as diving in clear water or having lunch in their theme restaurants which show us different ways of cooking.
Finally, this is a good place not only for couples but for families due to children's pool. =)
I wish i could enjoy in this wonderful place!

L.M.G (2AGE)

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Full Moon Hotel because there are many facilities and you can choose which facility prefer in the moment.
The hotel offers activities, four types of restaurants and two types of accommodations.
The hotel is situated in a private island in Maldivas, paradise place.


Anonymous said...

From my point of view both hotels are amazing. Both are beautiful, have many facilities, have spa, and are front of white sand beaches... But I choose the full moon hotel because is situated on a private island and I think is more relaxing than if you stay in Miami where you are still in a big city.

1. Is located in south-west of Sri Lanka and India.
2. The capital is Malé.
3. In the Indian Ocean.
4. The hotel is in 20 minutes.
5. You have to take a boat.
6. Wonderful pool and children’s pool, water sports, diving center, spa, different restaurants (Thai, Mediterranean, Continental and Asian cuisine), regular evening entertainments, deluxe rooms with modern facilities, cottages front of the beach, water bungalows.

RODRIGO (2º GAT) said...

I prefer the Hotel in Maldives because it is a paradise distant from the big cities and is ideal to disconnect and relax, though, also I would like go to Miami because it is a city with similar characteristics and an offer complementary very attractive.

Luzass said...

It is really difficult to pick one of these hotels, because both are really beautiful islands and I like the beach
But if I had to choose, I would choose the Maldives islands, because it seems a paradise.
I loved the room where the bathroom has sea views, is perfect for a relaxing holiday.
I hope someday to travel to that place, or at least be able to work in a hotel like this.

Luz =)2do GAT