Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Project: Tourist attractions 2014

Here you have the document with the guidelines you need to do the project, which is compulsory.
Good luck! =)


Assignment: This project should be carried out at one of the top tourist attractions we can find in Madrid. You must interview a person and ask for permission to video-record the interview. If not, at least ask for permission to record the sound. I recommend you to do it in pairs but each student has to carry out an interview. Try to interact with the interviewee. Some interviews will be published on the blog for educational purposes.
Aim: To use English as a tool for communication and to get to know the people who visit our country (nationalities, reasons for travelling, accommodation chosen, opinion about tourist attractions…)
Assessment criteria: It will be graded from 1 to 10 and will be part of the mark of the oral skills.
Deadline: By Friday 7th February 2014. You will have to send me or hand in the files (with an extension I can see and listen to) and the transcription of the dialogues. The files have to be named as follows: 
  • yourname_surname_tourist_attractions_age_13_14 (Students of Travel Agencies and Events Management). 
  • yourname_surname_tourist_attractions_gatd_13_14 (Students of Tourist Accommodation Management).
This assignment won't be corrected if it doesn't follow these rules.
You can begin like this:
Good morning/afternoon/evening. I’m a student of Tourist Accommodation Management / Travel Agencies and Events Management / Tourism at Hotel Escuela High School, Madrid. We are doing a project about tourist attractions in Madrid. Would you mind answering a few questions? If you don’t mind, we would like to record the interview as a class practice. Thanks a lot.


  1. Where are you from?
  2. How long are you staying in Madrid?
  3. What is the purpose of your visit?
  4. Where are you staying (type of accommodation)?
  5. What monuments or places have you visited so far?
  6. Which one did you like most? Why?
  7. Could you give us a short description that summarises its main features?
  8. Did it fulfil your expectations? If not, why not?
  9. From you point of view, which are the top five visitor attractions in Madrid?

Student recommends one or two more places to visit (one of them has to be a ‘natural attraction’).

         Thanks for your help. Enjoy your stay.

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